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Perdigon Townhomes is located at 1346 Perdigon St., Paco, Manila

The main highlight of the Perdigon townhouses’ location is its close proximity to all city amenities and public to private institutions. Alongside of the city’s landmarks, there is something worth remarking on about Paco’s christening. Having said that, it is also worth pointing out the city’s significant relationship with major transport networks.


Residents of note are very close to their Paco Catholic Church and schools. Justo Lukban elementary school is also close by.  Close by are also the Phil General hospital and several colleges and universities. So too are the shopping malls of SM Manila and Robinsons. Key access to other commercial hubs comes by way of Taft Avenue, Quirino Avenue and the Plaza Dilao.  


The location of Perdigon Townhomes is, quite literally, perfect. The complex development is located in Perdigon Street, Paco. And Paco is pretty much in the middle of Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines. Locating this development strategically has allowed Trans Phil Land Corp to provide its clientele with the sought after convenience and luxury.


Paco City was originally known as Dilao due to the abundance of the indigenous Amaryllis plant. Dilao comes from the Tagalog word for the color yellow. Rumor has it that Spanish conquerors gave the original Japanese settlement the derogatory name of Yellow Plaza. But it was Spanish missionaries that gave Paco its name as far back as the sixteenth century.


Catholic landmarks in the form of the San Fernando de Dilao church are not the only indications of religious devotion in Paco. There is a Hindu temple in Looban Street and a Sikh temple along the United Nations Avenue.


The Philippine National Railways company owns and runs Paco City’s railway station. But commuters utilizing the South Luzon Expressway here can commute as far as the Calabarzon region.

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