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Trans-Phil : Perdigon Townhomes For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Unit 1 ₱ 8,695,000 Lot Area - 45.73 sqm / Floor Area - 138.65 sqm
Unit 2 ₱ 8,470,000 Lot Area - 44.23 sqm / Floor Area - 134.49 sqm
Unit 3 ₱ 9,150,000 Lot Area - 43.05 sqm / Floor Area - 145.05 sqm
Unit 4 ₱ 7,910,000 Lot Area - 40.88 sqm / Floor Area - 126.03 sqm
Unit 5 ₱ 6,995,000 Lot Area - 35.89 sqm / Floor Area - 112.24 sqm
Unit 6 ₱ 6,825,000 Lot Area - 35.03 sqm / Floor Area - 109.22 sqm
Unit 7 ₱ 6,685,000 Lot Area - 34.17 sqm / Floor Area - 106.59 sqm
Unit 8 ₱ 7,080,000 Lot Area - 36.92 sqm / Floor Area - 116.30 sqm

Payment Terms :

  • P100k Reservation
  • 30% Down Payment
  • 70% Bank Financing – BPI

As was also mentioned earlier, some of the units have been made available for commercial use. Close proximity to everything beyond Perdigon makes this an ideal location for conducting serious business or attracting new foot traffic.

In closing, it is necessary to remind tentative readers that affordable financing options are available. A sample example was also given earlier. All that is left to do now is to give further motivations towards progressing towards an investment. A unique feature of this development remains the fact that some units have been set aside for commercial use.

Any business owner who has his mind set on fixing his location for the foreseeable future can see the value in making an investment. This paves the way for smaller property investors to snap up units which they can then lease out to their own tenants.


Local agents are always available to assist hard-pressed clients with tailoring flexible packages that are affordable to them. Trans Phil Land Corp has been more than amenable in this area. The biggest incentive for serious investors is to take advantage of incentives. Paying with cash gives them the possibility of property value discounts and there are short term arrangements dangling the carrot of interest free payments.


All in all, investing in property should also be regarded as an incentive to save. Whether you are working or living on your property, or leasing it out to tenants, exponential value growth diminishes your initial outlay. Nestled in the heart of Manila, Paco remains an area under continuous development. While surrounding developments continue and projects are completed, the property value of Perdigon town houses continues to rise.


Another unique feature of this town house development is the provision of space. Town house floor space is unusually above average. It could even be suggested that this is a larger than life opportunity. It is ideal for the accommodation of families with two or more children and there is plenty of room for self-styling or house remodeling.

From the outset, mention was made on square meter size as an incentive to readers. Highlighting this provision of additional space was the mention of having the freedom to self-develop your town house in accordance with your own aesthetic leanings. Emphasis was placed on accommodating uncertain readers who always hold negative perceptions to do with affordability. Whether you are a resident seeking perfect accommodation for your family or a serious businessman or woman with profit motives in mind, you all have similar concerns in mind.

Two further concerns are that of security and location. More than enough reassurance has been given in showing that Perdigon Townhomes takes care of those concerns. The security features were extensively outlined. Mention was made of the fact that Trans Phil Land Corp has acted quite strategically in selecting this location. It is at the heart of Paco City which incidentally is becoming a new center of attraction of Metro Manila, notwithstanding the fact that the city is already centralized.

This centrality takes care of residents and investors’ second major discernment. In giving value to their investment they need to be assured that their property is always within close proximity of all major commercial and public nodes. These include your business centers, schools and hospitals, not forgetting all the popular shopping and entertainment centers. That being said, Perdigon Townhomes remains at the heart of everything important to you.

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